Create Red Packets on Loopring Wallet

Open the Loopring Wallet on your mobile phone and select the red envelope function in the app.

Click the red packet button below:

Choose red packet type

There are three types of red packets, one is relay red envelopes, one is lucky red packets, and the other is ordinary red packets.
Among them, when relay red packets are forwarded to let others red envelopes, the forwarders can also get corresponding benefits; lucky red packets are luck red packets; ordinary red packets can be set to be evenly distributed by everyone.
In addition, the user can also set whether the red envelope is a private red packets or a public red packets. The private red envelope can only be received by the sender if it is shared by others, while the public red packets can be received by others as long as they have the red packets QR code and link.
The specific steps are as follows:
note! If the red packets are not received for more than 24 hours, the amount in it will be refunded.
In addition, if you want to participate in the Loopring luckydraw, you need to meet the following conditions to be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes:
a. Send a lucky red envelope with an amount of 5.20 LRC.
b. The number of recipients of the red envelope must be no less than two, and the red envelope must be a public red envelope.
c. The red envelope must be collected before the deadline of the lucky draw.
The rules of the event are as follows: (To be announced)
After confirming the money in the previous step, the system will give the QR code picture of the red envelope, and you can choose to share it to the community or share it with your friends.
After creating the red envelope, go back to the "Send red envelope" page and click "My red envelope" in the upper right corner of the red envelope page, you can see the red envelopes you have received and the red envelopes sent.
Last modified 6mo ago
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