Transfer Between L1 & L2

Move Assets Between L1&L2:

Open the app, click on assets in the lower right corner, and click on Ethereum/L1.
Select DAI, or other token, here only take DAI as an example. Note that the logo in the upper left corner of the swipe between the first and second floors is Ethereum/L1 account.
Click Move to enter the operation interface.
If it is a move from L1 to L2, first check whether it is from the first floor to the second floor! Then enter the amount, and finally click Next.
After confirming that the transfer information is correct, click Confirm.

Transfer On L2:

Select the Loopring/L2.
Select the currency to be transferred, and confirm that the Loopring second-level account number is in the upper left corner.
Select the payee's Loopring account. The account shown here is the receiving account for Loopring's official events.
After confirming that the information is correct, click Next. Please make sure that it is a transfer between the second floor. Transfer on L2 has low fees and high speed.
Set the transfer amount and confirm again that the transfer information is correct. Then click Next.
Confirm that all transfer information is correct, and then click Confirm.
Last modified 6mo ago